Wandering through History

A journey through the Portuguese culture and history is a full experience of emotions and senses due to the mixture of different civilizations that inhabited in Portugal for centuries.  This cultural mixture gave us unique and authentic features that you can find in our architecture, art, costumes and traditions.

Much more than a country you will discover a world of cultures.


Signature Architecture & Pritzker Prizes

Stone, iron, glass, and concrete are the materials used along the years to create great architectures and design constructions that became part of the contemporary Portuguese heritage.

A date night with Fado

Fado is already an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. It's the symbol of Portugal, often called "Music of the world". Through the melodies, it's echoed melancholic notes, lyrics, and a feeling called "Saudade".

The performance is usually known by having a Portuguese guitar, a female or male voice, and a Portuguese shawl as an accessory.

The Portuguese tiles

Used to embellish many of our monumental buildings and a beautiful way to tell our history. Let's put your hands to work and create one of our most significant identity symbols of Portugal, your own traditional tile.

Experience the Portuguese tiles tradition with a visit to an ancient factory where you can make your own as a souvenir!