Unspoiled landscapes

In a small portion of land, Portugal, concentrates a large variety of landscapes, animals and natural species in such a way that any trip, however short, is a pleasure of discovery.

Discover the mysteries of the deep blue sea or simply wonder through endless green landscapes. Portugal is the perfect blend of endless blue horizons and lush green mountains.

From the towering mountains to the vast plains, from the wide sandy beaches with their gently rolling waves to the jagged coastline battered by rough seas, the country has a little of everything.


Biking through the best landscapes

Either you enjoy the breeze of the sea or the green of the fields, a bike ride can be one of the best ways to appreciate nature and our landscapes.

International Douro Cruise

Embark on a cruise, feel the breeze, see an impressive variety of flora and fauna, and the discover the differences between the river banks of World Heritage Site of the International Douro.


A great way to enjoy the best that Sesimbra has to offer is to experience Coasteering, a new radical activity that combines rapel, water jumps and climbing.


Portugal is a country full of potential to the hiking lovers. From north to south Portugal have a big variety of landscapes and biodiversity to enjoy and experience.